Belts and chains 

 Timing belt kits

Timing belt failure can cause valve to piston contact on interference engines resulting in engine damage which can cost thousands to repair.

Timing belts should be replaced in accordance with manufacturers recommendations. It is strongly advised that not only the timing belt is replaced but the tensioner and any idlers are also replaced. This comes in a kit form. Some engines also have the water pump driven off the timing belt. It is worth thinking of replacing the pump if this is the case. Water pump bearing failure can cause the timing belt to fail even if it has been replaced.

When fitting a new timing belt it is essential that the correct valve timing and tension is obtained so premature belt failure does not accrue.

Please contact us for further information and your vehicle's recommended timing belt replacement  inter-vile.     


Piston removed from a Volkswagen  Golf after timing belt failure. 

 Timing chains

Timing chains are designed to do the same job as a timing belt and are not classed as a serviceable part. Although they do last longer than a timing belt, they can stretch resulting in the engine valve timing being altered.

This can cause a cam sensor fault code on some vehicles. Also the chain will produce a rattle, especially on cold starts. In some cases the timing can jump or the chain snap which can be a costly repair.

R.N.A can supply and fit a new timing chain including- guild rails, tensioner rail, tensioner, gaskets and seals.

< Ford Transit 2.0 tddi with new timing chain fitted.


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